Effective Learning Environment

The Characteristics of a Highly Effective Learning Environment

The most important movement that we see happening in education is the need to transform the learning environment from a rigid, static environment into one that inspires and empowers students to learn.

As this article points out, the reality is that there is no single answer. We have to look at the learning environment as one that doesn’t just ‘deliver’ education to students. Instead, we need to think about how to create a transformed environment in which students become deeply involved in learning and create a foundation for the rest of their life.

This article from TeachThought points out 10 characteristics of a highly effective learning environment.  The list puts what we feel is most important in a learning environment –understanding that the questions are more important than the answers, that learning should be personalized, and that cognitive, metacognitive and ideal learning behaviour are constantly modeled.


Tell us, which of these 10 characteristics do you feel are most important for a highly effective learning environment?

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 Co-founder and Director of Operations

Co-founder and Director of Operations

Hayel firmly believes that education is the single best pathway to solving the world’s most overwhelming issues like poverty, human rights and the environment. He gets that when things make life easier, better or faster, they'll be used more and have a bigger impact. As a co-founder, he's motivated to make sure that Mentorina delivers on this premise. 

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