How Mentorina Helps


How Mentorina Helps


Blending technology with teaching is how Mentorina delivers a personal and customized learning experience for every student, at every age, in every environment.


Expanding responsibilities and shrinking budgets mean that teachers have more demands than they do time for personalized instruction. Education used to be about teaching something new. Now, learning means building a foundation for a better life rather than just earning better grades.

That’s where Mentorina comes in. 

Direct line of site

Our software means that teachers and parents get information that helps them understand how their students learn, and how to support and motivate their success. Students see how what makes learning easier – and fun - for them because they get feedback along the way to let them know how they’re doing. Administrators can see a bigger picture of how their school is performing, easily report to stakeholders, know where they need to make adjustments, and how they can best support teachers and students.


Uniquely personal

Personalized feedback on each student means that teachers can tailor assessments and lessons quicker. On top of that, students get personal responses in the moment from Mentorina's intelligent tutor. Parents get more than just their student's grades; they get unique reports about their children. Administrators can tailor Mentorina’s platform to suit the needs of their school and integrate it with systems that they already have in place.  Everyone gets 360° support.


Growing collaboration

Students are fluent in using technology. Mentorina builds on that by creating a collaborative environment that puts each child’s learning front and center. We refine learning by cultivating participation and self-awareness so everyone helps students take advantage of technology to create an environment that approximates a one-to-one setting with a teacher.  


Helping The Learning Ecosystem


Helping The Learning Ecosystem


Technology use is growing fast. Mentorina’s platform lets teachers evaluate their students on a particular subject or lesson with customizable cognitive and meta-cognitive assessments. Personalized lessons mean that teachers can target lessons so students are working on the exact exercises they need.

Teachers tailor their tutor-settings so the 'pedagogical agent' guides students on a specific learning path.

Mentorina's intelligent tutor-agent also learns about the student as they learn, gathering data and adapting the experience in ways that make lessons more valuable.

Teachers can easily sort, analyze and apply all of this intelligence so they can:

  • See strengths and problem areas in a class, with individual students or across a course
  • Understand individual learning styles and preferences
  • Create performance reports that give insights into learning
  • Build collaboration with the student and parents
  • Spend time on what matters most: supporting (and enjoying) students' success


Digitally fluent students interact with a user-friendly, personalized learning environment that speaks to their tech-savvy mindsets. They enjoy the freedom to work at their own pace wherever they want to master subjects and content. Students also get tailored support from their teachers and from Mentorina's intelligent tutor.


Real-time feedback helps them adjust when they need it the most – in the moment. This means that they avoid feeling frustrated and actually enjoy learning. Because of our individualized support, students grasp material better and actually learn how they learn. They also get to share their course-related goals, questions and ideas with their classmates and teachers

Students gain confidence as they grow their knowledge and their self-awareness.




For students to be able to get the most out of their educational experience, they need the full support of their parents. But often it’s hard for parents to keep up to date with what’s going on in the classroom.

Mentorina makes it easy for parents to get deeply involved with their children’s learning and continuously monitor how they’re doing every day, not just when teachers post grades.

Parents can co-create a learning environment with teachers that puts students at the center of the equation. With real-time personalized instruction and greater interactivity, Mentorina helps parents focus on better learning, not just better grades.



One of the biggest worries of administers is whether their school is “making the grade.” In some areas, accreditation depends on the collective school performance. Research shows that because of this, school administrators place a high premium in technology.

Administrators are under pressure to prepare students for a world in which many people from different cultures, perspectives and backgrounds work together. Mentorina’s power comes in its ability to deliver curriculum that adapts to the individual needs of a student. This helps to make sure that every student lives up to their academic potential regardless of subject, class size or how they’ve performed in previous classes.